When you’re afraid of the dark it’s hard to be brave,

Or see life when digging your own grave.

In the depths of darkness, fear and despair,

It’s hard to remind yourself that you are there.

She feels she’s the monster that everyone fears,

She’s the reason for everyone’s tears.

In order to make a change you have to want to try,

But how do you resuscitate a rose, that’s  beginning to die.

The map is torn into a million parts,

She has no clear direction, or path to start.

Yet creativity can thrive in the darkest of places,

Flowers survive in the muddiest spaces.

Deep in the earth a light shines bright,

Hope is living no matter how slight.

In the flash of a second your perspective can change,

All your thoughts can rearrange.

The hole she was digging was not a grave after all,

She plants a new seed in the ground so her flower grows tall.



A free spirit, a lonesome wolf.

He was never mine.

An electrifying touch that brought me to life,

But I fear mine did not do the same for him.

His eyes the ocean, full of stories to tell.

But he never let me in.

I craved to know more, to soothe his soul.

But I was never his.

As the sun sets, the fiery sky fades.

Along with my hope, and my embers stop burning.

He sets off on his path without a wave,

But he was never mine.

Every Other Freckle…

Every freckle, dimple, stretch mark and scar,

Creates the blueprint of who you are.

Knowing in this moment, that you are enough,

No matter how uncomfortable it feels, or tough.

Temples aren’t perfect, they crumble and fall,

You build them back up re erect, their walls.

Years on they deteriorate time and time again,

I’ll patch up the holes and dry off the rain.

Like a forest your canopy walls will grow high,

It’s foundations strong, its roots never die.

Radical acceptance is letting go,

Surrendering and breathing, because deep down you know.

Your body loves you, it’s your best friend,

when your wounds are open it helps you mend.

You stand there and hug your body tight,

you whisper ‘I love you’ let’s end the fight.

The battle is over, I set myself free,

Because no one can take me away from me,

I am exactly where I need to be.

The conflict commenced, I was under my reign.

I was a pawn in my own menacing game.

But I no longer wanted to continue this war,

so I picked myself up off the floor,

My wounds are healed I am no longer sore.

I will accept myself forever more.

I hold the key to unlocking the door,

To sailing my ship safely to shore.


A word so foreign, a principle I do not follow,

I’m either at the top, or in the ground so hollow.

A life of excess, or nothing at all,

flying high or hit rock bottom and fall.

Doing everything perfect until you run out of steam,

or can’t even get dressed, get washed or clean.

Life becomes unmanageable as the scales tip to one end,

the tapestry unravels, as you start to descend.

Down the rabbit hole, into this place so alone,

Yet a place so familiar, you almost feel at home.








The wolf’s howl is ominous, there’s no way out,

You open your mouth unable to shout.

You search for the light but you stumble and fall,

You’ve hit a blockage, a cold stone wall.

Your screams are muffled, they can’t hear you now,

Desperate to escape but you don’t know how.

Entombed in a sarcophagus, no light, no air.

You feel his eyes on you, the wolf’s deadly stare.

He’s panting loudly, his hot heavy breath,

He’s waiting to take you to your death.

Weak and debilitated, scared and alone,

He tore up the map to lead you home.

With a menacing snarl he ravaged every last piece,

You hold your breath, waiting to be released.


The Adventure Of A Lifetime

We packed our bags, ready to go,
What this trip would hold for us we didn’t yet know.
Three friends, three allies with adventure our aim,
A triangle, so strong it would always remain.

Her dazzling eyes as deep as the ocean,
Bursting with love, compassion, friendship, emotion.
She had a strength deep inside of which she wasn’t aware,
A striking goddess, that made others stare.
A radiant crescent moon, she couldn’t see her own light,
illuminating the sky in the depths of night.
Her own heartbreak had knocked her down for sure,
As she scooped broken pieces off her bedroom floor.
This trip was a chance to put those pieces together,
To regain her freedom and fly like her feather.

The sweetest nature, and such a pure heart,
I couldn’t fathom ever being apart.
Always rooting for each other and watching us grow,
I felt more worthy and loved than I could ever know.
Her gentle aura made me feel safe and accepted,
Forever a part of me, forever connected.
Always making me laugh and totally in awe-
Of her inner beauty, calm nature and happiness so pure.
We were always close, but now our bond cemented.
Like a fresh watered flower, I was resurrected.

Azure blue waters and the softest white sand,
Gazing into the sunset hand in hand.
As the sky exploded from bright orange to pinks,
With our san migel lights and pineapple drinks.
Rasta music played and we smiled to each other,
We all felt the same in that moment together.

A trip so special, like none other before,
Our past scars now healed, our wounds were less sore.
I yearned to capture this for eternity,
Our own special moment, Chazzle Schneids and me.
The kindest hearts with the softest souls,
A blessing, they truly made me feel whole.

They breathed life into me- I felt inspired and free,
On our hilarious adventures on scooter and sea.
My inspirations, my rocks, they helped me steer my own ship.
Sailing alongside me, with the wheel at my grip.
My mind became quiet, my spirit at ease,
My wellness bird soaring in that tropical breeze.

Crescent Moon

As the wolf’s glistening eyes stare menacingly at the sky,

I’ve got nowhere to hide now, it’ my time to die.

No sign of the north star, no shining glimpse of light,

He’s got me in his radar, he’s got me in his sight.

Happiness and hope are distant memoirs it seems,

Smiles are something from my past, conjured up in dreams.

As the majestic moon wains, so does my heart,

Only the dark remains, that the wolf has torn apart.

My gaping wound exposed, I lay for dead on the floor,

Throbbing and unconscious, my soul and heart are sore.

A fledgling bird my wings are chipped, i’m flapping on the ground,

But when I try to squeal or cry I cannot make a sound.

No one to call or turn to to clean my battle scars,

Just like the lonely crescent moon, without its twinkling stars.