Travel Review- Skiing in CourMayeur


Exuding character and charm, the stylish Italian resort of Courmayer is a popular destination for skiers of all abilities, not to mention a favourite of designer clad Milanese, flocking for long weekends on the slopes #spot the fur. Situated in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta region at the foot of Europe’s highest mountain; Mont Blanc, the town provides a wealth of both on piste and off piste terrain and is a great base for skiing the famous and exhilarating Valle Blanche run which can be skied from either the Italian or French side of the mountain, starting in nearby Chamonix.

Traditional cobbled streets lined with fashionable boutiques showcase the latest Italian designs; while foodies will delight in speciality wine, cheese and meat shops and a plethora of restaurants to suit even the most discerning customer. Tucked away on a quiet corner, Le Petit Bistrot; a quaint eatery serves simple yet delicious local dishes boasting with the flavours of fresh Italian ingredients. The winning feature of this cosy establishment, alongside its ambience and friendly staff, is the enticing choice of sweet crepes on the dessert menu, the perfect choice for those with a penchant to taste of the real Italy.

 While the après-ski scene is not quite comparable to resorts such as St Anton or Val d’s ere, a lot can be said for a late afternoon aperol spritz at the lively Bar Roma, centrally located on the main street, which offers a complimentary shmorgas board of Italian antipasti delights.

 For a truly relaxing experience, the Grand Hotel Royal Golf located in the heart of the idyllic village, features a heated patio serving après-ski hot chocolate, which is quite literally melted chocolate in your cup.910-370-CC-wedding-venue-italy-valle-d'aosta-aosta-hotel-royale-veues-15-locations


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